Lotus Electrive concept by Diseno-art

electrive1Diseno-art has revealed their fully-electric “Lotus Electrive” concept, a modern take on the classic Lotus Seven.

While just an artist’s rendering at this point, the concept illustrates how the everlasting Lotus Seven may still find a place in an eventual future without petrol.

The car is hypothetically powered by a set of rechargeable Lithium-Polymer batteries mounted in the front.  Charging is accomplished by connecting to a power socket or alternatively at a slower rate through solar panels stored in the side pods.

Two electric motors are located in the rear carbon fiber section, one for each rear wheel. These motors can be accessed through a hatch underneath the spare wheel and can be replaced quickly to allow for varying levels of performance and range.

During deceleration the electric motors act as generators to return a small amount of power back to the batteries.

The electric drivetrain of the Electrive can be changed between three different modes. Sport mode offers superior performance at the cost of range. Standard mode creates a balance between performance and range, and Eco mode is used to get the maximum range out of the vehicle although performance is noticeably reduced.

Thanks to the electric motors, a conventional transmission is unnecessary. Instead the ‘gearstick’ is used to select between forward, neutral and reverse. To protect from accidental switching between forward and reverse, the shift ball must be partially rotated before moving.

The construction of the Lotus Electrive consists of a tubular aluminium spaceframe covered with a GRP body. At the rear is a carbon fiber pod which conceals the electric motors and rear suspension components. The suspension system is fully adjustable for compression and rebound so the car can be setup to suit the drivers preferences and the road conditions. The high mounted spare wheel (which is securely bolted to the frame when attached) acts as rollover protection for the occupants.

While the storage and cargo capabilities of the Electrive are obviously limited, there is additional space for items in the two pods located on either side of the body. These lockable drawers slide out from under the car and can hold items too large to fit in the glove box.

On the styling, Diseno-art remarks:

The exterior design of the Electrive is obviously influenced by the stance and proportions of the Lotus Seven, but with a distinctly more contemporary feel. The soft rounded lines are designed to give the car a classic feel, but the clean uncluttered bodywork is also modern in its appearance.

The front end is dominated by the large oval grille and matching oval headlights. The grille itself is not technically necessary due to the fact the car is electric powered and a radiator is not necessary. However the mesh of the grille does allow cooling air to flow into the battery compartment which is located up front. The batteries themselves can be accessed through the removable grille for maintenance, repair or replacement.





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  • Looks interesting... the steering wheel is on the wrong side surely? ;)

    Probably don't need the spare wheel - modern Sevens don't have them, they have a can of spray foam instead. You'd save a bit of weight/space.

    Not sure if it's a good idea to get rid of mudguards completely... even if it is for 'fair-weather' driving, you're going to spray mud/gravel everywhere.

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