Melkus returns with the RS 2000

melkus1 Thirty years since the last Melkus RS 1000 left the production line,  Melkus has unveiled an official successor with a little help from Lotus.

The new RS 2000 is based on the Lotus Exige and fitted with a 270 hp variant of the Toyota four-cylinder engine.

The gullwinged RS 2000 marks a new beginning for the brand, now masterminded by Sepp Melkus — the grandson of founder Heinz Melkus. Heinz Melkus founded the company in Dresden in 1959 as a manufacturer of single-seat race cars. Melkus later became known as East Germany’s sole sports car marque after the production of the road-legal RS 1000.

Melkus intends to build only 25 examples of the RS 2000 each year. At 107,500 Euros, such exclusivity won’t come cheap. More photos and the official Melkus RS 2000 press release below.


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World Premier for the new MELKUS RS2000

MELKUS Sports Car Manufacturing is pleased to announce the presentation of this exclusive double-wing door model for the first time in public at the IAA.

It is now exactly 30 years since the last of the 101 MELKUS RS1000 Models was manufactured in Dresden, and the MELKUS RS2000 is now being presented at the IAA as the official follow-up model. Completely hand made, production will be limited to only 25 vehicles per year. This has rendered the MELKUS RS2000 as one of the most exclusive products within the German automobile landscape, simultaneously and effortlessly being integrated into the high-value manufacturing landscape of Saxony.

As was the case with its legendary predecessor, the MELKUS RS2000 has been designed as a light-weight sports car with race-car technology. Due to this contemporary approach to construction, this medium-sized engine sports coupe is able to stand up to bigger cubic capacity sports cars, and all this with lower fuel consumption! The lower power-to-weight ratio of 3.5 kg/hp makes possible an extremely good acceleration rate and extraordinary agility while banking. This means irresistible driving pleasure combined with the feel of a sports car.

The vehicle design is reminiscent of the MELKUS RS1000 without giving the impression of retro-fashion character. The timeless elegance of design was styled by the renowned Professor for Transport Design Lutz Fügener. The key distinguishing feature of the double-wing doors, opening upwards to the roof, has also been re-interpreted. They not only improve the optical impression of the car, but they also make it considerably easier to enter and exit the vehicle.

The development of the vehicle was carried out by the experienced engineers and technicians of MELKUS Sports Car Manufacturing. The race-car firm, in existence since 1950, is now being turned over to the capable hands of the third generation. The Executive Director of the enterprise is now Sepp Melkus, the grandson of racing-car legend and firm-founder Heinz Melkus.

For optimal implementation of the project, a tested and self-supporting aluminium chassis was used as a vehicle foundation. For the drive-train, large-volume technology was also brought into play in order to guarantee service at a national level. All integrated components were, however, chosen with the premise of light construction, in order to be able to achieve a kerb weight of 950 kilos.

The makeup of the standard equipment for the MELKUS RS2000 includes technical refinements such as a mechanical (supercharger) with charge-air cooling, a race-track-refined sports suspension system and forged light-metal wheel-rims. Driving aids such as anti-lock braking system (ABS) and traction control have become, like driver and passenger airbags, obligatory safety standards. Comfort features to be emphasised include the serial-production integrated air conditioning, electric windows and rear-view mirror, as well as a boot with 220 litre storage space. The race-car design is thus combined quite successfully with good road capability.

Whoever is fortunate enough to sit down in the meticulously appointed driver’s seat, will find himself/herself surrounded by genuine leather and aluminium ornamentation. The interior design is specially appointed with each individual customer, beginning with the choice of serial-production two-tone leather décor and culminating in variations on the sewing pattern. In this way each MELKUS RS2000 becomes a one-of-a-kind creation. Value depreciation, as is the case with large-volume production, is not to be expected here.

The standard vehicle price with comprehensive standard equipment is
107,500.00 EUROS.

Each customer will be individually attended to personally by the Melkus Family. Even prior to the world premier at the IAA, the first vehicles were thus preordered and sold. Production start-up is scheduled to begin immediately after the IAA from October 2009.

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