First reviews of the Lotus Evora S

When the automotive press first reviewed the standard Lotus Evora in May 2009, the consensus was remarkably favorable.

Go behind the scenes of the original Lotus Evora launch

Now the first reviews of the Lotus Evora S variant have been published online. As you would expect, Lotus’s improvements have made the Evora even more of a masterpiece, compelling Steve Sutcliffe of Autocar to conclude “I’d have one over a Cayman any day.”

As we enter a new era for the Lotus brand, let’s hope Lotus’s earned reputation for driving excellence — as exemplified with this latest model – is not relinquished in the pursuit of Bahar’s lofty ambitions.



In a word, brilliant. As suggested, it still rides beautifully, gliding across pockmarked surfaces as if it’s been touched by some Higher Being.

CAR Magazine


Superb. Extra power and torque answers our major gripe with the regular Evora, the gearshift much improved too, and steering and suspension still sublime.

It’s a stark reminder of what Lotus does so right today.

Auto Express


The Evora S is sublime to drive whether on a road or a track and a fitting flagship for Lotus’ line-up.

What Car?


Stick it on the kind of road where the engineers’ work matters more than the efforts of the marketing people and it’s in its element. It’s fast and grippy and it sounds great and tells you everything it’s doing. It even rides better than many a family saloon. What impresses you most, though is the absolute precision with which it does everything.



Very few other modern cars offer their drivers such subtle degrees of information and no other sports car immerses you in the simple pleasures of driving quite this thoroughly.

Car Enthusiast


The Evora S is nothing short of remarkable on challenging, undulating, poorly surfaced country roads. Nothing with its performance comes close to matching its other-worldly poise on tarmac that would have its competition’s suspension running out of answers very quickly. This composure is sensational enough and it improves more as the speed rises. The suspension has an almost unreal ability to massage away crests, dips, ripples, cracks and holes – all while retaining complete control. There’s virtually no body roll in the bends, and the steering communicates to the driver exactly what the front tyres are doing. Response from the wheel is instant and the information flow is rich and clear in your hands.

An intense and rewarding driving experience that leaves its rivals way behind for feel and precision on even the most challenging roads is what defines the new Lotus Evora S.

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